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About Us

Science Energy


Science Energy is a start-up company established by young professionals who have set out to become a global player in the energy sector.
Science Energy provides technical and financial consultancy services to prevent the waste of resources and provide the right projects in the journey of energy dependent countries (especially Turkey) to become self-sufficient.
We are also continuing to provide best natural solutions and services to our customers in accordance with international technical standards and norms, as well as energy efficiency consultancy, permaculture consultancy services, electrical field tests with domestic and international experienced specialist engineer and technician staff by using high quality test equipment.
With its professional staff and dynamic team, Science Energy is an ideal solution partner for all investors who want to do business in Turkey energy market.
You can communicate with us in peace to meet our young, dynamic and each of our specialized team, get detailed information about our services or be aware of career opportunities within Science Energy.

Our Mission and Our Vision;

To protect and develop the right of all human beings to access clean and sustainable energy, and provide the most accurate projects in the process of energy dependent countries to become self-sufficient with the most environmentally friendly solutions.
Being the most trusted company by customers that has the widest service area in the world geography with its products and services.

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